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This incredible experience of truffle hunting with trifulau and dogs will reveal the secrets of this underground mushroom, take you to the world of true connoisseurs of Piedmont delicacies and tell you the legendary Barolo wine story.

The Local truffle hunting expert will meet you in the heart of Langhe, which is famous for its exquisite black and precious white truffles, and show you the fertile truffle places in the local woods. Together with well trained gods you will be taken to the ground where you will be able to find your own truffle. The real protagonist of the excursion is the dog, which will keep moving through the trees and sniffing at the base of the trunks. After walking through the woods “back and forth” the dog will suddenly be stricken by the scent at a precise point and will start to turn the earth over lightly to attract the truffle hunters’ attention. Your guide will show you how to use special equipment to open the hole delicately, where the dog already began digging, to pulls out the truffle.

Truffles grow underground in symbiotic relationship with the roots of particular trees in the forest, the combination of which cause the explosion of unforgettable truffle fragrance. Its roots are a very thick and intricated network of white filaments. The trees it grows on are generally oaks, willows, lindens, poplars; according to some, vines also. After it’s formed, the truffle is a parasyte, that absorbs the sap that the root takes from the ground.

Truffles shaped as a tuberous are mainly constituted by water and mineral salts, absorbed from the ground through the roots of the tree it symbiotically lives with. The white truffle of Alba has different colours, depending on the tree it grows on. It can be white with pink shades, brown, grey. The exquisite black truffle is harvested from the end of May until December, while the most expensive and rare – the white truffle – is hunted out between the end of September and December.

During this tour you will be introduced the unique beauty of Piedmont region, including its pictureque woodlans, the lash of its gently rolling hills, backed by the majesty of its snow-capped mountains, and the medieval castles that add their own highness to the landscape. The mountain range sets bounds to an incredible gastronomical heritage. You will taste the best of local dished with truffles paired with Barolo wine and your truffle expert will explain everything related to this culinary delicacy.

Wine and Food
After the hunting experience in the woods, you will be guided to the Barolo wine cellar where sommelier will tell you the history and production methods of legendary Borolo wines.
After the tour in the wine cellar, along with your appetite arise, you will continue into the picturesque tasting room for wine and food tasting. You will enjoy the excellent combination of truffle delicatessens and a platter of Langhe cold cuts of meat and cheeses paired with Beautiful Barolo wine tastings together with sommelier.

Private guided truffle hunt with the local expert and dogs
Delicious light lunch featuring traditional meals paired with Barolo wine tastings
English speaking guide and sommelier

Not Included
Transfer is not included, we will wait for you at the address that you receive after your booking confirmation. The location is within 45 min drive from Turin.

Duration 3.5 hrs

Maximum Participants 9 (for larger groups, with the possibility of dividing the group into two. This way all guests can better enjoy the experience)
Note: Comfortable clothing is required. We suggest replacement shoes.
Clothing: it is highly recommended to bring adequate clothing for an excursion in the woods and in the open countryside, along with boots or leggings.

Price List

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