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This luxury wine experience tour will reveal the fascinating wine story of Jurançon wine region of Southwest France where you will visit two wineries and have a gourmet lunch of local delicatessen paired with wine

Jurançon wines are famous in France for its history and heritage. The wines have been celebrated since the middle ages, and it is claimed that Jurançon wine appellation was in force as long ago as the late 14th Century, with the best vineyard areas identified and valued by the princes of Béarn and the parliament of Navarre for taxation purposes. Baptism by Jurancon, introduced by Henry of Albret, became a royal tradition. During the Restoration, September 29, 1820, the Duchess of Berry gave birth to a prince, the Duke of Bordeaux. And so it was that during a luxurious ceremony, in a beautiful room at the Tuileries, Louis XVIII made his newborn drink some Jurancon, following the example of his ancestor.

You will start your tour with a private luxury chauffeured service pick you up from your location and will take you to Jurançon just within 30 minute drive southwest from the city of Pau and one hour drive from Lourdes and Biarritz.
This small wine region lies in a beautiful hidden corner of South West France in the department of the Pyrenees Atlantic surrounded by Biarritz and the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Bordeaux lies to the north, Toulouse to the east and the Pyrenees mountains to the south and create its own micro climate and a perfect soil. The two principal wine grape varieties grown in the region, and the ones used in the sweet wines are Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng. Dry wines are mainly made with Gros Manseng but may include Petit Manseng and also the other permitted grapes Courbu Blanc, Petit Courbu, Camaralet de Lasseube, and Lauzet.
You will see two different faces of Jurançon by visiting a large cooperative winery and a small independent organic producer. Both produce a range of dry, light and fruity Jurançon wines through to high end sweet and late harvest wines. Local experts and sommelier will take you through the wineries and will tell you all about production. You will see all aspects of wine making like harvest collection, fermentation methods, bottling and labelling. Both wineries are completely independent and has great reputations. One of the wineries you will visit use organic viticulture meaning they are an Organic Winery and the other one is a big procure both are well world known over by conscious and wine appreciators. You will be impressed with their honesty, openness and quality of wine when the local experts will be talking about their approach to wine making.

Between your extensive wine tastings you will be invited for a gourmet lunch in the Michelin guided restaurant to taste local delicatessens paired with wine.

St Girons Church
During this wine experience tour your driver will take you to the largest Gothic church in the Béarn, St Girons is crowned by its huge slate roof, a feature unique in France. The enormous structure, more than 50m long, is made from a double oak frame, supported by an astonishing superposition of Saint Andrew crosses, aligned vertically one above the other, up to the top of the church. As popular a draw for tourists as for architecture and history buffs, it is often enhanced by a ‘son et lumiere’. No trip to the Jurançon would be complete without a visit to this magnificent church, standing in the heart of the centre of the appellations main growing region.

Chauffeur driven service (Mercedes E-class)
Pick up and Drop off at your location
Guided tours in 2 Jurançon wineries with 2 sommelier wine tastings
Gourmet lunch paired with wine in Michelin guide restaurant surrounded by vineyards
English speaking driver
Wi-Fi,Refreshments on board

Tour duration is 8 hours
Tour departure cities: Pau, Lourdes and Biarritz

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