Our wine tours can be divided in half-day, full-day or several day guided tours, all which can include the best accommodation, transport, all spoken in English and can purchase directly from the website.

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Wine Experience Europe has been established to ensure that all wine appreciators benefit from unique experiences, where they can immerse themselves in a bounty of rich flavours and spices, while inhaling the diverse cultural beauty of the landscapes, vineyards, food and wine. With us you can experience unique and unparalleled wine tours, where you can visit exclusive hidden gems, try exquisite food that will complement the refined and rich taste of the wines you try and undergo unique itineraries for luxury travel. We offer wine tours in some of the most exquisite wineries across Europe, with sommelier wine tastings paired with gourmet lunches and dinners.

Having a team of experts and wine connoisseurs has immensely helped us in discovering some of the richest wineries in Europe, as well as unravelling their vast history, their culture and the best foods that can be paired with the region’s specific wine.

We offer bespoke wine tours and itineraries; private transfers with wine tasting; cookery classes; truffle hunting with dogs; gourmet lunches and dinners in the picturesque restaurants; guided tours in the wineries; private city tours; panoramic boat trips; romantic weekends; wine tastings trips; yoga and wine retreats in the renaissance castle in France; sailing and wine trips with private yacht around Greek islands.

Feel free to book ready products that are divided by countries, by regions and by wine.