Our wine tours can be divided in half-day, full-day or several day guided tours, all which can include the best accommodation, transport, all spoken in English and can purchase directly from the website.


We will plan your Amarone wine tour itinerary with visits to two the most exquisite wineries and a gourmet lunch in the pictures restaurant surrounded by vineyards. This is the bespoke itinerary selected and booked for you just to follow with your own transportation

You will taste delicious traditional cuisine complemented with the finest local wines and learn about Amarone wine pairing with food and compare two very different but the most exquisite Amarone wineries. One is in the cellar of a breath-taking villa and the other is a modern winery. First winery is traditional and classy based in the renaissance villa where also you will have lunch paired with wine tasting. The second winery you will visit is modern and blends together tradition and innovation. Both wineries produce award-winning wines. During this incredible Amarone wine tour experience you will taste award-winning wines at two remarkable wineries in the region and enjoy gourmet lunch cooked by one of the best chef in the region.

What will happen after reservation
You will receive the itinerary with the final reservation and location addresses which you will have to follow with your own transportation. The tours and tastings in the wineries and lunch is included into the price, see below. Your local tour guides will meet you at the wineries receptions where they will take you to the winery tours with sommelier wine tastings and gourmet lunch.

The first leading winery you will visit produces classic versions of Amarone wine and the location is equally impressive — an ancient and spectacular villa. At the villa, an expert guide will explain the wine making process. Also enjoy a delicious three-course lunch at the villa, complemented by excellent local wines.
The second part of the tour will be held in a modern winery, which produces award-winning wines. Take a tour of the winery, guided by a local expert, who will share some know-how and explain the new style of wine production. An extended tasting will allow you to try a number of locally produced wines, among which will be some of the top Amarone wines.

During your winery tour you will visit the ancient cellar that had been carved out of a sandstone wall, where wines matures thought years before finally being bottled. One of the most distinctive and treasured of all Italian wines – is the Amarone della Valpolicella from the Veneto region in the province of Verona. Valpolicella has been producing wines since ancient times, and even its name reflects a longstanding relationship with wine – means “the valley of many cellars”. During the tour you try some of the best versions of Amarone along with other Valpolicella wines. Here you will learn all about the characteristics of the various grape varieties and the viticulture behind Valpolicella wine

Both wineries are less than 20 minutes away from each other. The location is within 25 minutes’ drive from Verona, 30 minutes’ drive from Sirmione of Lake Garda and about 1-hour drive from Brescia and Venice. This itinerary is very easy to follow and wont be long distance between the wineries.

• Itinerary with the reservation addresses
• 2 private visits with local experts to two Amarone wineries
• Gourmet light lunch featuring traditional meals paired with wine
• 2 Private wine tastings with sommelier

Not Included
• Transportation is not included

Tour duration is 8 hours
Tour departure cities: Verona, Sirmione, all suburbs of Lake Garda, Venice, Brescia

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