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Private full-day wine tour in the famous Valpolicella winery, paired with a cooking lesson to learn the unique secrets of a refined gourmet pallet

Come with us on beautiful journey into the countryside of northern Italy and discover the best food and wine the region has to offer, served in one of the region’s most sumptuous Renaissance surroundings. At one of Verona’s most distinguished villas, encircled by the vineyards of Valpolicella, you will not only taste the gourmet delights of this top Italian kitchen, you will get a chance to cook it. You will also see the ancient well-stocked cellars and taste Amarone, the rich dry red wine made from partially dried grapes and a speciality of the region.

You will start with a guided tour of the best Valpolicella wine cellar before moving onto Amarone vineyards, owned by one of the most renowned wine makers in the Italy, and set in the beautiful rolling hillsides surrounding Verona. Here you will learn all about the characteristics of the various grape varieties and the viticulture behind Valpolicella wine.

Then will take you to one of the finest examples of Renaissance building just 30 minutes from Verona. The villa is famous for its magnificent fireplaces featuring stone carved recherché creatures that are both a wonder and a mystery to behold. The villa’s architecture is typical of sixteenth-century Italy, symmetric but versatile, and designed to revive the Golden Age.

Cooking Lesson
While you are there you will have the chance to learn how to cook some of the classic dishes traditionally served in this region as the villa’s head chef takes you through a late morning cookery class entitled, ‘The pearls our cuisine: pasta and Amarone’. Here you will learn the fundamentals of fresh pasta making in all its different forms and the find out about the delicious sauces and condiments that accompany it. You will also be shown how to make braised beef with Amarone and, to top it all, the chef will introduce you to sbrisolona, the delectable crumbly Italian sweet. The chefs of the villa will do their best to please you with fine traditional cuisine complemented with the best local wines.  You will taste several kinds of Amarone  wine and learn to recognise it by its slightly spicy bitterness, which is reminiscent of roasted almonds.

With that knowledge of the best cuisine, and your insight into the wine making process from earlier in the day, you can more fully appreciate the gourmet lunch that you will then be served before those monstrous fireplaces in one of the spectacular halls of the villa. Finally, you will be able to digest your lunch with a stroll in the idyllic and mesmerising landscape surrounding the villa and gaze out onto the vineyards that spread out for miles under the Italian sun, as they have done for hundreds of years.

This incredible Amarone Wine Cooking Class Experience is a perfect occasion for a group entertainment of private or corporate events as well as a romantic day trip for two.
We guarantee you an amazing experience and great fun.

Chauffeur driven service (Mercedes E-class or Luxury Minivan)
Private tour in the Valpolicella winery
Private tour in the villa
Cooking lesson with Italian Chef
Gourmet lunch featuring traditional meals paired with wine
Private wine tasting with sommelier experience
Tour duration is 8 hours
Tour departure cities: Verona, Brescia, Lake Garda

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